Term of Service

Scope of Service

Mindsaha supports following platforms.

  • macOS Sonoma or later
  • Windows 11 or later

While we will try to make the application compatible on as many platforms as possible, we can't guarantee the application will work on platforms not on this list.


You can choose to remain anonymous. The only signup requirements are payment and a working email address.

You have the right to export your data from the application at any time.

Your personal data, email address and identity will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

If there is a significant outage, you will receive a full explanation of the circumstances and what measures will be taken to prevent a recurrence.

Any new features that affect privacy will be strictly opt-in. The same goes for new features that substantially alter the application.


You may not make automated requests to the site more frequently.

If you find a security or privacy bug in Mindsaha, We ask that you please report it to us right away by private email.