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Keep notes, make a todo list, track time - using Mind Maps

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A lot can happen in our lives and it's hard to keep everything on our mind. That's why we built Mindsaha - a web application and a browser extension to help you remember.

add a link to a note, track time and status

Link, Note, Timers and Status

Want to link an URL with your note? Writing a journal, may be? Interested in tracking time or just want to have a simple task status tracking? We got you covered.

use kanban board to visually organize tasks

Boards and a lot of it

Why settle for one board when you can have as many as you want? Combine mind map view and board and quickly get an overview of your tasks in single glance.

end to end encryption


Your information is end-to-end encrypted and protected with a password of your choice. The encryption / decryption happens on your device, meaning no one else other than you can see your information. Not even us!

mindsaha can be accessed in mobile

Access your information any where

Get your information when you need it. Mindsaha is optimized for mobile access from the start. We also planning to release a browser extension so you can get to your data in lightning fast

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