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You will love Mindsaha because,

Your data is yours

Mindsaha stores your data as files in your local computer. You can continue to use the application offline.

Total Privacy

Your data is not shared nor backed up to an online service.

No Lock-In

Export to JSON/XML/TEXT format or use any SQLite browser to view your data.

Easy on your wallet

You pay once and own the software for ever. No recurring fee.

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Create mind maps. Set colors, icons and tags for easy organization.


Switch to dashboard view to get an overall picture of mind map.


Manage tasks with status. Know time spent on each status.


Write rich formatted notes. Use as a simple TODO list


Track time. Measure how much you are working on.


Commit to build habits. Visualize streaks using the calendar.


Track any number value. Map and see them as a bar chart.


Organize any files in your mind map.


Save your bookmarks as links. Download a local copy to your computer.


Log comments to document your progress or experience.


One simple price




/ One time payment

What's Included?

  • Desktop Application
  • Browser Plugin
  • Import and Export data
  • 1 License
  • Unlimited validity
  • MacOS and Windows 11 versions
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Free. No credit card required.

Questions and answers

What is Mindsaha and how does it work?

Mindsaha is a desktop application that uses mind maps to increase your productivity. You can use Mindsaha to manage tasks, track time and habits, organize files and bookmarks, comment on progress, and jot down notes.

Who can use Mindsaha?

Anyone. If you need a tool to keep your thoughts and ideas organized, use Mindsaha. If you like mind maps, you will love Mindsaha too.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on and doesn't leave your computer. There is no online sync.

How much does Mindsaha cost?

We offer one simple price, $19 as a one time payment.

Is there a trial version available?

Yes, there is. With the trial version you can try all features available on Mindsaha for free. Once the trial period ends you will be required to upgrade your licence to continue using the application.

Should I give my credit card / payment information?

No. We do not need your credit card details for downloading trial version.

I have more questions

Please send an email to [email protected] and we'll help you.

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